New Special Issue in Applied Sciences. Guest Editor: Dr Liliya Dunyushkina

Solid oxide-based electrochemical devices, such as fuel cells, electrolyzers, supercapacitors, batteries, pumps, sensors, and so on, are becoming increasingly important in efforts to solve green energy, environmental, and healthcare issues. Solid oxide fuel cells are promising devices for clean energy production by conversion of the chemical energy of a fuel into electricity. Solid oxide-based electrolysis is an effective technology for the production of green hydrogen which is currently considered the fuel of the future. Oxygen pumping technologies have great potential for use in healthcare, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Valid and reliable solid oxide-based sensors are thus urgently needed for environmental monitoring.

The Special Issue of open-access journal Applied Sciences (Q2 in WOS, impact factor 2.679, MDPI) on “Promising Materials and Technologies for Solid Oxide Electrochemical Devices” aims to cover recent advances and new trends in the development of materials and technologies for solid oxide electrochemical cells and their processing and performance; the modeling, design, fabrication, and testing of cells; and related activities in the field of solid oxide electrochemical devices. Research papers, theoretical studies, and progress reviews are all welcome.

Guest Editor:  Dr Liliya Dunyushkina



Head of the Laboratory of Electrochemical Material Science

 Scientific interests are related to the study of electrochemical generation of electricity, transport properties of ionic systems – oxides with oxygen-ion, proton and mixed ion-electronic conductivity, study of  correlations between the morphology and transport properties of film electrolytes, optimization of film electrolytes and electrode materials for use in the intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells, study of dynamics of the electrode/electrolyte interphase processes.

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e-mail: L_dun@ihte.uran.ru; lidung@list.ru


  • solid oxide electrolyte

  • energy conversion

  • energy storage

  • hydrogen production

  • solid oxide fuel cell

  • solid oxide electrolyzer

  • solid oxide sensor

A special issue of Applied Sciences (ISSN 2076-3417). This special issue belongs to the section “Energy“.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 April 2022.