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Laboratory of Electrochemical Devices Based on Solid Oxide Proton Electrolytes


Head of the laboratory:

Medvedev Dmitry Andreevich

DSc (Chemistry)

Tel.: +7 (343) 362-34-90; +7 (343) 362-32-02

E-mail: dmitrymedv@mail.ru


The Laboratory of Electrochemical Devices based on solid oxide proton electrolytes was organized in 2014 at the Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry within the Megagrant of Russian Federation for government support of researches conducted under the supervision of leading scientists at Russian educational institutes of higher professional education (Government Resolution dated 9th April 2010 №220 “On measures for involvement of leading scientists to Russian educational institutes of higher professional education”, agreement № 14.Z50.31.0001).

Research direction: the development of solid oxide electrochemical cells with carrying and thin layer proton electrolyte for electrochemical devices.

The project aim: development of foundations and technologies for commercially acceptable electrochemical devices based on carrying and thin layer proton electrolytes for gas analysis as well as for electricity and hydrogen producing.

The main project purposes:

  • Development of novel composite materials with high level of proton conductivity.
  • Creation of technology for producing prototypes of electrochemical devices based on planar and tubular cells with carrying and thin layer proton electrolyte.
  • Modeling the charge-, mass-, and heat transition processes in cells operating in modes of fuel cell, electrolyzer and amperometric sensor.
  • Experimental approof of developed approaches by testing mini-stecks operating in modes of fuel cell and electrolyser.
  • Evaluation of model, creation and testing prototypes of fuel cell with capacity of 300 Wt and electrolyser with hydrogen (H2) efficiency not less than 200 H2/h.
  • Development of amperometric sensor for the hydrogen containing gas mixtures analysis.

The leading scientist is Professor Panagiotis Tsiakaras.