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Instrumentation for test and accessory facilities is available. The classical techniques for volume and mass determination of elements (titrimetry and gravimetry) are applied as well.

The list of equipment:

  1. Optic emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma iCAP 6300 Duo
  2. Optic emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma OPTIMA 4300 DV
  3. Quadrupole mass-spectrometer Microvision 2
  4. Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Shimadzu XRF-1800
  5. Automatic X-ray diffractometer Rigaku D/MAX-2200VL/PC
  6. Automatic X-ray diffractometer DRON-3М9.
  7. Scanning electron microscope with nitrogen-free energy dispersive detector X-act ADD+JSM-5900LV supplied with wave dispersive micro analyzer, sluice chamber and device for suppression of electromagnetic interference INCA Energy 250 and INCA Wave 500
  8. Field-emission electron microscope TESCAN MIRA 3 LMU with INCA Energy 350 microanalysis system with Oxford Instruments X-MAX 80 energy dispersive spectrometer and with INCA Synergy Premium diffraction system for backscattered electron diffraction with Nordlys II F +
  9. Raman microscope-spectrometer Renishaw U 1000
  10. Instrument SORBI N 4.1
  11. Laser scattering analyzer Malvern Mastersizer 2000
  12. Synchronous thermal analysis tool Netzsch STA 449 F3 Jupiter
  13. Grinding and polishing machine Allied MetPrep 4.

All equipment is certified and has operation and technical maintenance manuals.

The samples for analysis are delivered to the SAC “Composition of compounds” by customers, in accordance with the agreements signed. All samples are registered in special books. Analysis and identification are carried out according to the techniques included in the SAC “Composition of compounds” passport. The obtained data are available either on electronic or paper versions. The customer receives a report in a set form.

The SAC “Composition of compounds” organizes the attestation of equipment and facility testing at the UNIIM, the Center of Metrology and Certification “CERTIMET” of UB RAS, on a timely basis.

The SAC “Composition of compounds” has a contemporary base of documentary standards for testing and estimating the measurements quality. The updating of documentary standards is carried out in the UNIIM. A Shared Access Centre representative is responsible for the documentary standards updating.

The SAC “Composition of compounds” has special facilities for sample preparation in an appropriate form: muffle furnaces with the heating temperature up to 1200 °C, electrical plates and cabinet dryers with the heating temperature up to 400 °C, laser ablation equipment, microwave oven for autoclave acid dissolution of samples with different compositions, manual hydraulic press with the load range of 1-40 t, lab scales with weighing limits of 200 g and scale interval of 0.0001 g.