Laboratory of Ceramics

Head of the Laboratory
Dr. Maxim Mashkovtsev
PhD (Chemistry)
E-mail: m.mashkovtcev[at]
Laboratory of Ceramics was created in 2024 within the framework of the Federal project “Development of human capital assets for the benefit of the regions, R & D fields and sectors ” of the national project “Science and Universities”.
The Laboratory aims at the development of the scientific research in the field of production of powder and ceramic materials based on zirconium dioxide and rare earth elements for aero craft engineering, power engineering and medicine.
The laboratory staff includes 15 researchers among them are 1 DSc(Chemistry), 2 PhD(Chemistry), 1PhD(Technology)
Main research areas:
  • Development of the theoretical bases for control on the nucleation and aggregation of the amorphous and poorly crystalline hydro compounds nuclei in liquid media using the approaches of the electro kinetic stabilization of dispersion systems
  • Development of the methods for synthesis of the functional materials with improved qualities using the method of controlled double jet deposition with the regulated electro kinetic nuclei properties.