Laboratory of Medical Material Science and Bioceramics

IMG_0035Head of the Lab:

Antropova Irina Petrovna, DSc (Biology)

Tel.: (343) 922 110 53 59


7 employees are in the laboratory: 1 DSc (Biology), 1 DSc (Phys.-Math.), 1 associate professor, PhD (Medicine) and 1 PhD (Biology).

Laboratory is devoted to studying the application of novel ceramic materials and composite matrixes based on them in order to substitute defects of bone and cartilaginous tissues. The bioequivalent theory of augmentation for improving the results of treatment of cancer and trauma patients with severe bone and joint defects and deformations is the major basis for investigations.

A promising direction of the laboratory development is studying the fundamental principles of biological tissue regeneration at endoprosthetics of bone and cartilaginous defects with novel perspective ceramic materials and composite matrixes based on them.

Successful accomplishing of the project is provided by the intercommunication of the laboratory employees with leading Ural universities of biomedical profile (Ural State Medical University, Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Institute of immunology and physiology of UB RAS).