Quality policy statement

The Institute of High Temperature Electrochemistry is a large research-and-development organization in the field of physical chemistry and electrochemistry of molten and solid electrolytes. IHTE is in charge of fundamental and applied research for successful elaboration of electrochemical technologies as well as highly qualified specialists training.

Purposes and objectives:

The main strategic purpose is the dominant position and maintaining the worldwide level of fundamental research in the field of physical chemistry and electrochemistry of molten and solid electrolytes. To achieve the main purpose the following objectives have been developed:

  • Production and systematization of fundamental knowledge;
  • Creation, maintaining and constant improvement of high level service and operating conditions for scientific research;
  • Collaboration with real economy enterprises as a means to make research more efficient;
  • Encouragement for employees publication activity;
  • Development of international collaboration;
  • Search for new ways of collaboration in innovative sector by acquisition of patents, licenses, authorization documents.

The realization of the declared objectives is based on:

  • Modernization of scientific-technological base, enhancement of equipment stock;
  • Constant staff training, motivation for PhDs and doctorate works fulfillment;
  • Inspiration to advance the scientific research level;
  • Improvement of quality policy  according to standard requirements;
  • Effective cooperation system between all structural departments of IHTE UB RAS;The quality management tutorials for staff.

Director of IHTE UB RAS is personally responsible for the quality policy statement realization. The objectives described above are considered and evaluated annually.