Special Issue “Advances in Electroactive Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and Characterization”

Dear Colleagues,

The purpose of this Special Issue  “Advances in Electroactive Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and Characterization” of Materials is to provide a platform for the exchange of new ideas and achievements in obtaining and certifying new functional materials for heterogeneous catalysis, evaluating the possibilities of electrochemical synthesis in the technology of obtaining new materials, and analyzing experimental and theoretical concepts in the study of such a multifaceted phenomenon as heterogeneous catalysis.

A special issue of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944). This special issue belongs to the section “Energy Materials“.

Special Issue Editor
Dr. Eugeniya V. Nikitina neekeetin[at]mail.ru

Among other things, the following topics are the main areas of interest for this Special Issue:

  • The effect of defects and non-stoichiometry on the catalytic properties of materials, the synthesis of functional nanomaterials, and the production of mesoporous structures. The relationship of the near-surface volume of the material with the catalytic activity. Modern methods of certification of substrates and catalysts.
  • Obtaining perfect single crystals and polycrystals with a highly homogeneous structure and a minimum concentration of defects
  • Electrochemical synthesis and evolution of inorganic materials in aggressive environments.
  • Obtaining certification and research for various properties of materials for heterogeneous catalysis.
  • Modeling of the effect of synthesis conditions on the microstructure, morphology, composition, and properties of catalysts and substrates.
  • Electrocrystallization of promising materials for heterogeneous catalysis.


  • functional materials for catalysis
  • heterogeneous catalysis
  • mesoporous structure
  • near-surface volume
  • complex oxides
  • surface modification
  • carbon materials

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 April 2023